12 August 2010

Bicycle Friendly Towns: Bennington, VT

free coffee for cyclists in Bennington, VTSomewhat randomly this summer I got to visit Bennington, VT for the first time. What struck me most, besides how perfectly charming and 'New England' the town is, was how shockingly friendly the people there are to cyclists.

You can see that you don't even have to arrive a cyclist, they will loan you a touring bike at the Visitor's Center.

loaner bike provided by the town
Once out on your loaner bike you can visit the Crazy Russian Girls Bakery. The coffee's free if you arrive on a bike!

free coffee for cyclistsWith countryside like this, why wouldn't you want to be on a bike?

road in Bennington, VT
The Bennington Arts Guild was even featuring bicycle parts re-made as art in its windows.

Bennington art gallery featuring bicycle art in the window

Bennington, VT bicycle art

I don't know when I'll be back, but I'd love to cycle there again (and at a time that the bakery is open!)

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Brian said...

Indeed Bennington is a good cycling town. A couple weeks ago I biked from Bennington back to my car in North Adams, after hiking the Long Trail. Cycling through that area was very pleasant.