03 December 2010

Handsome Bob Jackson

Spotted on Cambridge Street the other night, this Bob Jackson is a beautiful city bike.

A handsome bike, but not one that our non-cyclist friend picked out from the many left casually locked along the street.

The bell is nicely mounted on the stem, the handlebars partially wrapped with ends made from some wine bottle's cork.

That is a well-loved Brooks saddle!

And what pretty lugs and paintwork!


Lovely Bicycle! said...

How cool. I have seen a few Bob Jacksons on the Minuteman Trail and in Concord, but I haven't come across one built up as a city bike. I wonder whether the owner is this bike's original owner.

Justine Valinotti said...

As much of a Francophile as I am, I still think British builders did, and still do, the nicest lug work.

Thanks for the photos!

She Rides a Bike said...


Anonymous said...

The powerstraps must go immediately! And a bell is much more practical when it is installed near your hand. My guess is the Brooks saddle was bought used.

Lenny said...

Ha haha thats awesome!!! cheers