21 December 2010

Linus City Bike Spotted

Saw this bike in the South End last week, and the black and white and leather color scheme caught my eye. Linus Bikes are based in Venice, California, but they now have dealers nationwide.

The singlespeed with coaster brake and kickstand seemed quite practical for Boston:


Anonymous said...

I've seen a ladies LINUS near Tufts for the past few months - just assumed it was a repaint with custom decals. It's well taken care of and looks quite nice, even in this weather.


Amanda said...

A bit late but I found this post looking for a Linus photo. I'm a proud Linus Mixte owner and get so excited when I see other ones around town! There are lots in Coolidge Corner. While I prefer riding the Mixte, the red Dutchi 3 is beautiful.

ps. your site is wonderful!