01 December 2010

Rainy Day Giveaway - one pair chrome fenders

They don't look like much above, but what you have here are a pair of new-in-packaging chrome fenders sized for Schwinn 26" wheels, in their packaging, covered with dust. Note that this size is different from 26" mountain bike wheels and also 26" Raleigh/English wheels... Sheldon has a 26" wheel size cheat sheet here.

It is entirely possible that these fenders will fit another 26" wheeled bike, but I'm thinking that since Schwinns don't get much love, these free fenders should go to a Boston/Cambridge area Schwinn.

Out of the packaging they should look like these above.

So here's the idea: 
Comment below with a description of your Schwinn. Give me an email address (in comment or by email: chiccyclist at yahoo.com) where we can chat off the blog. We will arrange to meet someplace in the Boston/Cambridge area, I'll take a photo of your poor fenderless-Schwinn for the blog, and you pedal off with some free chrome fenders for a winter of splash-free cycling. Ideally you'd send an updated photo with the fenders mounted, but I won't hold you to it.

The fenders will have to go to the Schwinn whose schedule is closest to that of my Dawes, but I imagine I've already set so many limits here that there will be only a few folks even interested in these fenders... and, like dating, it only takes one match*.

* If you're a cute single heterosexual man with a 26" Schwinn, please note that in the comments too and I'll send a cute single female friend of mine in my place. I won't even tell her why. She's got an awesome pink singlespeed, so you'll at least have bikes in common.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I don't have a Schwinn. I have an old prehistoric Specialized Stumpjumper (first model) that I know I could make these work on. I am always making things "work" for purposes that they were not intended for. I live north of San Francisco. I think St. Louis under the big arch would be a good midpoint to meet. (road trip!) I am a heterosexual male, no longer cute (old age does things you don't want to hear about) and married but you could still send your cute single girl friend. My wife won't care since she knows I am harmless. Really...

Charlotte said...

I would totally bike to the St. Louis arch to give you these fenders, but I hear there are snow storms in the Rockies, and I'd hate to be responsible for your old Stumpjumper giving out over Independence Pass.
Maybe next time I'm in CA I'll ride my dad's old Specialized HardRock (possibly first model, who knows?) up to San Francisco and we can meet under the Golden Gate instead. No, not in the Bay, maybe Ft. Point?

somervillain said...

i have neither a schwinn nor "single" status, so i can't partake in this, but what a nice idea, match -making by bike proxy!

Charlotte said...

Well, they don't HAVE to go to a single man, but if a single man wanted them... why not? :)

kfg said...

I fall down in the Boston, fenderless and cute parameters.

Not crazy about pink either.

John Curran said...

My Schwinn is a big blue 1979 Schwinn Traveler, a 68cm frame. My bike is covered in vintage postage stamps from Indonesia and Vietnam, something that started as an effort to cover up nicks and scratches. By now, it's become a rolling art project.
One the front, I added bullhorn handlebars; on the back, a pannier rack. Oh, and I converted the whole deal to a fixed gear.

For what it's worth, I'm the kind of guy your friend might want to meet.

Anonymous said...

1969 Schwinn Breeze... I found my girl on craigs list and have it a new life... I am not in your area and even though I need the rims I just wanted to share my new girl. Thanks, Jennifer


kfg said...

Note: the "look like these" picture shows balloon tire fenders. Fenders for lightweights like the Breeze (yes, believe it or not that's a lightweight) and Traveler (the '79 has 27"/700c wheels, not 26") will fit on balloon tire frames, but not vice versa.

Charlotte said...

I don't know that these are NOT balloon fenders, but they're not enormously wide and so I didn't think they were actual balloon fenders. They're just definitely smooth chrome.

PS. my friend's bike is a *good* pink, I promise. There are pinks I wouldn't say that about, but this one is good.

kfg said...

Well, if they're narrower, then they are indeed for the Racer/Breeze/Collegiate class of lightweights and would be ideal for anyone contemplating making their cantilever frame cruiser a bit sportier with narrower tires.

As for my issue with pink, it's actually a bit abstract. It isn't so much that I mind the pink itself, but that someone started out with a perfectly good red; and then ruined it. I hate when that happens.

So, they'd fit my Racer, but that has serviceable, if rust peppered, fenders.

And I'm still a bit outside Boston - and a bit outside cute. :)

I hope they find a good home, because the Chicago Schwinn lightweights get less respect than any of the Schwinns. Even the Schwinn fanatics tend to dismiss them, but there are lots of them around because they're nice, solid and long service bikes.

They deserve some respect.

Anonymous said...

I have a beautiful little emerald green Raleigh, made in Nottingham, Eng. that someone lovingly left "for a good home" outside the bike shop I moonlight at. She's my "fashion bike" I've put a Brooks "skirt" saddle on her, matching grips, all she needs is silver fenders, one of hers was missing when I adopted her:)

Anonymous said...

If only I found my Schwinn Breeze in December and not February :-/ I have a green Schwinn Breeze that I found on a ride around Atlanta. Someone was throwing this bike away. I went back later to rescue it. I need wheels and fenders. the current fenders (and stays) are bent, and quite beyond what I can repair myself. I probably need to run new bake cables too. It even has a 2-speed shifter, which I'll probably just put a fixed gear on the back.

I'll pay to have it shipped to Atlanta if you happen to still have these :-)