18 March 2011

Bicycle Date

The single thing I will miss most in the coming months will be the wonderful times my husband and I have shared out adventuring on our bikes together. We'll get Future Cyclist on our bikes as soon as is practical but, in the absence of grandparents, it will be a little while before we get to venture out again together.

With this great weather we've been having we had to have one last bike-date, to Cambridge Flour in the morning  (always delicious) and to dinner and a movie in the evening. I should probably blame my hormones, but I just absolutely loved seeing L'Illusionniste. There is far less cycling than Chomet's last film, The Triplets of Belleville, but if you're a girl who ever adored her father, or the father of a girl, you might enjoy it. There is very little speaking, it's more of a mime, like a ballet, which allows so much more for the viewer to add herself. The animations are gorgeous - it's one of the prettiest films I've ever seen. And it's good and French, so no saccharine Disney film here, though I think the ending is beautiful, sad in the same genre as The Giving Tree.

I'm hoping to get out on the bike this weekend, but this baby is nearly past due so if you don't hear from me for a little while you'll know why, ok? Have fun cycling out there!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the review on L'Illusioniste. I remember watching the trailer and being intrigued (also loved Triplets of Belleville) but it slipped from my radar). I was also curious to check out the Bill Cunningham movie that's coming to the Kendall next month.

Best of luck to your family!

somervillain said...

Wow, Charlotte... best of luck for you and your soon-to-be expanded family! I'm already looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your new addition cycling around (even though that is still some time away).

(PS-- I work about 60 feet from that photo).

cycler said...

How exciting! You look amazing, and still on your bike!
I'll have to check out L'Illusioniste, I had heard of it, but somehow didn't realize that it was the same folks as Belleville. (Now I'm going to have that song the Triplets sing in my head all afternoon).

Good luck with everything in the next couple of days/weeks/ months!

G.E. said...

Awww... look at that little belly of yours! I hope all goes well in delivery for you. I'm sure you'll be back out riding with your little one to come in no time at all. :)

Velouria said...

9 months pregnant and riding a diamond frame bike- A level of "wow" that is off the charts!

Good luck and best wishes!

'Xander Labayen said...

Wow charlotte congrats, I havent popped in to check out your site in a while as i was busy with my 2nd child. time flies she's already 10 months today.

riding with a little one behind you singing and poking you in the back it a wonderful experience. enjoy them while they are young.


Barbara Andolsek Paintings said...

When I was riding all the time, I had 'two' little ones 2.5 years apart(girls)... Youngest was literally on my back (great slings out there now) and the oldest was in her cute little backseat (waving to everyone). We spent many a day at parks with great picnics. Exploring! Super memories! Super Mommies... You look fabulous!

GinaK said...

Big Congradulations to you. I'll still be keeping Chic Cyclist on my toolbar!

A Parisian Cyclist said...

Congratulations, Charlotte! Did not know your were expecting a good event! Hope for you the most delicious things and new life that could ever be!

Simply Bike said...

You look wonderful!! Almost there, good luck with the birth and delivery! It's great that you managed to squeeze in one more bike date, I'm also trying to take advantage of as many of those as possible before baby comes :)


MamaVee said...

Thinking of you. :-)

Paula said...

what an awesome blog! I can`t wait to see your future posts! :)

have a great time,