15 March 2011

Early Spring Elegance

The heels are lovely but the grey sweater with the yellow gloves on a golden bike with a straw basket really tickled my early spring fancies.
So pretty!


hcq said...

she looks so fresh!

cycler said...

Hey- I've been wondering about you and whether the baby was here yet?
Hope you're enjoying the extra light in the evenings, and the lighter gloves!
I might have to get out the red leather gloves I got, inspired by your Italian ones.
Hope all is well- enjoy the weather!

Velouria said...

It was so warm outside today! Lots of people on bikes and I saw 2 Dutch bikes parked around Harvard Sq. Spring is here.

She Rides a Bike said...

I just love the whole look. Simple and timelessly elegant. The bicycle is the perfect compliment.