17 March 2011

Love her coat!

I got to ride in earlier this week, but today I was sadly on the bus. I was happy that the bus driver passed this lady, in her cool coat, with respect and a safe distance. Not all bus drivers have been so courteous. But today is a good day!


Velouria said...

Bus drivers here do really differ in the way they treat cyclists. Some make me feel perfectly safe as they pass me, others make me fear for my life. Obviously, I prefer the former type.

cycler said...

@ Velouria, and all, please take a moment to record the bus number, time and place if you have a bad interaction with a public bus. I really think that the MBTA has gotten serious about bike safety, and if they get more than a couple of complaints, they will force the driver to do remedial training. I see a big improvement recently, and we should help them help us.
Sorry to hijack Charlotte!

And yes that leopard print coat is something!

Charlotte said...

Cycler, if you enlarge the photo you'll see it's a geometric that reads as leopard print, something I thought was pretty cool.

Both you lovely ladies,
So today we had the opposite experience - annoying cyclist weaving around and making it nearly impossible to predict where he was going and how to operate the bus around him. I know we don't ride this way, but I can see how a driver with a short fuse (who thus should NOT drive a bus!!!) could tar all cyclists with the brush this individual deserves.

I can't say that I've particularly enjoyed my stints on the bus, driving, and walking this winter but they have been helpful in reminding me what it's like to be the other road users...

A dear friend passed me within inches while I was walking and he was cycling at high speeds on the sidewalk this morning. ARGH! Come on dude, you're a professor at MIT, you should know better than to frighten pregnant ladies on the sidewalk with your bicycle antics.