20 December 2008

Cool Vintage Fenders

Sent in by alert reader Carice:

Dawes 3-speed fenders stars florid detailing
Thanks Carice, for sharing these fenders! I actually know this bike, it belongs to the man who sold me my Dawes. Small world.
Thanks for the great photo!


Thom said...

Wow, those are beautiful! Small aesthetic details on bicycles are so much more impressive to me than technical specs and brand names and whatnot.

BTW, the word verification code for this comment is completely fantastic: "beastra". I think they're getting better.

Carice said...

I saw this bike again this morning-looked like it had been ridden in to downtown- more power to him!
I chickened out and took the T- too afraid that some 5 ton behemoth would slide into me to try to ride myself.

William/The Author Of * said...

I love old bicycles. Especially since they're steel. The bicycle I'm sure looks so appropriate in Boston.