12 December 2008

The Rain Continues

I rode in, but I wasn't stopping to take any photos. Sorry.

Instead I have for you indoor bicycle shots, specifically the clever bike racks used at Bikes Not Bombs to hang bicycles in the hallway. The beauty of these homemade racks is that the bike hangs at an angle to the wall, allowing greater space for passage of humans in the hallway.

Here's the overall view of the racks:

homemade bike rack in a hallway

The hooks are staggered to put cranks at different levels and thus allow more bikes to fit in a smaller space:

bicycle hooks hallway staggered heights

The hook is sunk in a triangular piece of wood which is then mounted on the wall. I'd guesstimate that the bike leaves the wall at a 45 degree angle.

fabrication bike hook rack homemade

Clever, non?


m e l i g r o s a said...

super! it is always fun to work with wood and homemade objects.
love advocacy groups, they (bnb) do such an outstanding work, very inspiring.
thanks for sharing the photos ;)
stay dry - xoxo/meli

Toronto Bike Chic said...

I gotta build some of those bike racks.. 5 bikes and a tricycle take up too much space in the garage...

Melissa said...

I love it! How chic and cost-effective! When the boy and I move in together in May, we're likely going to have too small a space to fit the bikes like we'd want; this looks like a perfect DIY way to fit 'em in. Thanks for posting it. :)

Charlotte said...

I bet it would be even more chic if they wood was painted to match the walls, something I'd do at my own house.

Charlotte said...

Toronto Bike Chic -
If you work out a way to store a trike on the wall you HAVE to send photos!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any other pictures of these to post? I can't work out how you keep the bikes in place and upright. there must be another clip at the bottom?

Charlotte said...

Anonymous - the block of wood runs the length of the bike. The wheel rests along it. Wouldn't work in a hurricane but seems to work otherwise.

bicycleboyboston said...

that is a great idea I was looking to hang some of mine for the winter but settled with a different solution next year I'll try that. Since the weather is going to be good enough to let the good bikes out for a run soon enough. Living in Boston and all.