22 December 2008

Happy Holidays from Boston!

Bicycle Bike Holidays Snow Boston Library greetings
Chic Cyclist is going to take a hiatus 'till the New Year. We wish you joy in all the holidays you celebrate.

Best Wishes from Boston to the world:
Peace on Earth, good will to all.


Thom said...

And to you, Charlotte! Here's to another year of bike blogging, riding, tinkering, and stylin'.

m e l i g r o s a said...

Cheers fellow lovely rider!
Happy Holidays and keep the boston chic-ness coming

Krista said...

Happy holidays, Charlotte!! May all your roads be free of ice this winter ;)

2whls3spds said...

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from the deep south...where we ride year 'round!


lagatta à montréal said...

Have great year's end holidays, Charlotte! That pic (both the snow and the grey stone building) could be here in Montréal as well. Confess that my bicycle has gone into temporary retirement - was still cycling on the 6th of December, but then we got heavy snow and ice. Most of it has melted now - who knows what the rest of the winter will be like?

I got the best gift on earth - my cat Renzo, who had been missing for five weeks, finally returned, a skinny shadow of his former self (not that he was every a fat cat, but a strong one). So I'm nursing him back to health. He is almost 13. Purrrrrrr!

Sean said...

A Happy New Year to you as well, Charlotte. And, thank you for writing this blog. It's really a joy to see people cycling not just for sport and to see glimpses of Boston where I lived when I was younger. Best wishes.

Toronto Bike Chic said...

happy holidays charlotte,

the Dawes looks really happy in the snow.

i'm picking up a dawes this weekend.. hope to get it the snow before my birthday..


RidingPretty said...

Happy New Year Charlotte!!

Dottie said...

Happy new year and thanks for this lovely blog!