26 January 2009

Designated Bike Lanes are not enough

snow dumped in Cambridge bike lanes
You also have to be able to actually use them!


Mark said...

IMHO those bike lanes on Vassar are no good even when there isn't snow in them.

For example:

1. Pedestrians seem to be constantly walking in them - they think it is all the sidewalk.

2. Going north it drops the bicyclist into the road such that it is nearly impossible to get into the left lane for a left turn.
If i remember correctly it actually drops you right where the right lane is created - so it sets up a direct conflict with bicycles coming off the bike lane with traffic choosing their lanes for the upcoming light.

I wish that Cambridge & Boston would stop 'helping' bicyclists until they figure out how to do it without making things worse (i.e. door zone bike lanes such as on Mass Ave through Central Sq.)

dr2chase said...

What, you don't plow your own? :-) It's a tempting invention.

And yes, it's nuts. I've shoveled out a ped/bike bridge three times this year, each time the plows put a five-foot-tall berm at one end, and the town sidewalk plow erects twin walls at the other end (without actually producing anything better to walk on).

Arlington does a great job on the Minuteman Trail, and Lexington claimed (in the paper) to be plowing this year, but they're not very good at it yet.

WestfieldWanderers said...

Most thoughtful of the city authority.

Also indicating that no-one in a position of authority regards cycling as a valid mode of day-to-day transport.

Same issue in just about any English speaking nation, sadly.

When will they wake up?

Anonymous said...

Woa - did you take this photo in Boston? I haven't seen any bike lanes like that (ie: not in the door zone) around these parts before.

Dottie said...

Yikes! That will take forever to melt. I thought I had it bad in Chicago, with all the bike racks/parking meters covered with plowed snow. I haven't seen a bike lane anywhere near that bad.