29 January 2009

First Ever Chic Cyclist Photo Contest

Winter has me down.
Let's try to celebrate the cold, take some cute photos, and have a bicycle photo contest to cheer ourselves up!

The Contest:
I'm looking for fun, fashionable photos that evidence the intrepid spirit needed to take winter on with style. There need not be snow in the image, but I think we all need cold-weather inspiration, so bundle up. Photos must include at least one human and at least one bicycle. Ages and genders unimportant.

All submissions will be shared on this blog for everyone to enjoy.

Please send your photos to my email address: chiccyclist@yahoo.com. We're looking to warm our hearts, so let's set a submission deadline of Saturday, February 14th.

reusable shopping bags ChicoThe Prize:
First off, you'll be an award-winning photographer, with the Chic Cyclist stamp of approval!

But beyond that magnificent distinction, we have a prize graciously offered by Two Knobby Tires. They will send the winning entry a four-pack set of Chico Shopping Bags, which come in five lovely colors, including the cheerful mango shown, as well as purple, blue, black, and green. In addition to being reusable and thus ecological, ChicoBags fit easily into your purse or pocket and weigh only 1.5 ounces, so you can always carry them with you.

I'm feeling happier already!

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