30 January 2009

A bit of this and that

champagne univega mixte bike bicycle

First, a cute bike. She's for sale at Bikes Not Bombs, and definitely needs some chrome fenders and a shopping basket. Still, she has good "bones" and a lovely champagne color which caught my eye. But maybe champagne-colored bikes should have cork grips, on principle???

On to other things: Last night was the Boston Bikes Update. I'm happy to report that Nicole did an excellent job and a great deal of progress has been, and will continue to be, made. In discussions after the event, it was suggested that organize our own Tweed Run, so watch this space as details unfold!

Finally, don't forget to snap a photo on your way to your SuperBowl party, or your non-American-football-based Sunday afternoon activity. We're starting to get some entries for the winter photo contest, and they're looking very cute. Just like you!


Jayme Lynn said...

oh how i love the mixte frame. i have two of them currently, one is in the process of being turned into my fancy little commuter, pictures to come i'm sure. congrats on your mixte. =)

Anonymous said...

A Boston tweed run is a fantastic idea!

Dottie said...

Nice mixtie! Cork grips for champagne bike - cute idea :)

Bikes Not Bombs Bike Shop and Vocational Training Center said...

Hi Charlotte! Thanks for the mention!