27 January 2009

Winter City Cyclist

parking a bike in winter Boston

warmth with style on a bikeI was taken with how she held her own against our frigid temperatures as she went marketing. I will say that it's the wind that makes it cold and her long coat would do a lot to protect against that wind. Clearly this was a woman who thought about her outfit before leaving the house on her lovely old bike. I LOVE the aubergine tights, though I'm too much of a wuss to wear tights these days. Wool mittened applause for you, fellow winter cyclist!

rolling on a bike in winter


ikaz said...

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Freewheel said...

I love her vintage bike, and she does look chic. That said, the outfit and the bike only allow her to ride during daylight, which is scarce during winter. There's no lights on the bike and there's nothing reflective on her clothes.

Thom said...

You can do anything on an old British 3-speed! Something about that cocky British spirit that just gets to you.

m e l i g r o s a said...


Anonymous said...

The Raleigh is older than the lady, kudos.

Dottie said...


lagatta à montréal said...

Freewheel, my lights are strap-on (if not they get stolen) and so are the reflective things I wear. I followed Charlotte Cyclechic's advice as to how to make a reflective sash to carry around.

That said, I've given up since mid-December here in Montréal. I simply find it too messy this year and refuse to wear "cycling kit".

I find warm tights just as warm as trousers, and less bulky.

Hoping this nasty dirty snow melts soon! Cripes I hate winter.