01 February 2009

Helmet Covers for Toddlers

bicycle helmet cover toddler child
I like helmet covers that say unabashedly "I'm a helmet cover and I don't care". These certainly qualify and so are absolutely darling! They offer flowers for girls and worms and spiders for boys (which doesn't seem fair to me, but I'm not a boy so clearly I'd prefer the flower!). Available at The Succulent Wife.

I might have to put a super jumbo flower on my helmet for spring.


Samuel said...

I would have wanted the spiders. I think they made a good choice for the boys style.

m e l i g r o s a said...

Ill take one in smurf blue please LOL-
Excellent find charlotte! ♥so cute

Mikael said...

might be wise to include a warning about how fabric covers on bike helmets increase the risk of injury.

a helmet should be 'slippery', so that the head if it, against the odds, hits the ground, slides. that's why the thin outer shell is made like it is.

adding fabric increases the friction so that fabric risks grabbing the asphalt, like when you rub two pieces of sandpaper together. this increases the risk of rotational injuries which are the cause of brain damage.

racing cyclists shave their legs for a similar reason. if they fall and slide on asphalt, it reduces the scale of the wounds. with hair, the wounds are much more severe, since the hair 'grabs' the asphalt and rips the skin off.

Charlotte said...

A warning never hurts, I suppose, but it looks to me like this cover would either
* shred to bits, or
* slip right off
with the slightest bit of friction. It looks like it would be like rubbing sandpaper together, but only holding on to one piece. I would NOT tie this cover under a child's chin, but that's not what they're showing here.

I spent my childhood wearing a black velvet covered helmet and rode on plenty of streets, even hitting the ground more than once. That fabric cover WAS strapped on, and I'm still doing just fine.

Finally, that's a new point on the racing cyclists. The ones I've spoken to say that hair has no effect on the wound's generation, and is only a factor when trying to heal the wound. You don't want to shave the ragged edges of a cut, so just shave everywhere in advance.

All this concern about friction, it looks like they've got the right idea in Australia! I wonder if I can make it there by the 15th?