25 February 2009

Reflective Tires

schwalbe reflective bike tires
I was pretty happy a year ago when I got my Schwalbe Marathon reflective tires.

Now I would guess that they're not at all reflective. Age and road grime have worn away the strips on the side. I'll get a photo to show you how they look now, but I look at this old photo and wonder if there's anything (other than moving to a gentler climate) I can do for them?


Anonymous said...

I have the exact same tires that I use for spring and summer. I was not aware that the reflective stripe peeled off. I have not had this problem. As for cleaning them I could only guess since you are having peeling issues that maybe some soap, water and elbow grease could work. Maybe some Pedro's bio cleaner if you wanted to get a little more aggressive.

Charlotte said...

Peeling is the wrong word - degrading would be better. I don't think elbow grease is the ticket. I'm thinking maybe some soap, water, than armor all? I'm not really sure, but they're certainly not new and shiny anymore.

Karl McCracken (twitter: @karlonsea) said...

My new bike has those tyres too. Reputedly they're very puncture proof too - any experience of this?

Dottie said...

I love those, too. I haven't even thought of them loosing effectiveness. I should probably test mine out/clean them off.

Charlotte said...

I cannot comment on their puncture protection - in the year I've had them I have not had a flat. I don't think the Boston roads are all that great. I do make an effort to avoid puncturing items. I rode a pair of Kenda tires for 10 months in Boston with zero flats. The previous tires I had on the Dawes were from another era (seriously, I had to have the stem hole reamed because a modern Schrader would not fit), and they never flatted... I need to go knock on wood, I'm certainly setting myself up here!

2whls3spds said...

I have Michelins on my Staiger and Cheng Shins on my Giant Excursion The Michelins are pretty nasty but still reflect well after 5,000 miles or so of NC country back roads. You can clean them with soap and a soft scrub brush. The Cheng Shin is an older tire and the reflective stripes on them will pull off. I don't know if I would want to risk using Armorall on a bike tire...might make it too slick.