04 February 2009

After the snow

winter cyclist bike lane
Cyclists are happier in the road than they are on the sidewalk!

winter cyclist bridge sidewalk
Except, of course, when rolling up to park.

winter cyclist parking bike

Don't forget to send in your winter cycling chic photos for our contest!


miss sarah said...

Haha! These snow piles totally remind me of the pile that is barricading the door to our shed (where my bikes live). It's good to feel not so alone in the land of snow and ice:)


Vanessa said...

I was in brookline ( sadly in my car with my two year old) and I saw a woman on a pink crusier with a tan coat and fur/fleece hat slowly biking up the hill. she was moving nice and slow and looked so sweet and cute. I was so sad I didn't have my camera at the ready for you

Charlotte said...

Miss Sarah, the piles of snow are going to make me batty! Just a few more months to go.

Vanessa, I'm crying into my coffee. I would have LOVED to have a Brookline submission. You have to practice the quickdraw for the camera. I've been studying up on Annie Oakley.

Maybe next time???