02 February 2009

Mixte in Boston

I like her boots and her skinny jeans. I wonder why she doesn't put her pack on her rack?

Here's a bonus photo of a Boston pothole. There's another one on the Mass Ave bridge that will swallow a bike whole if you're not careful. Look out!


dr2chase said...

Handling's a hair better with the weight of the pack not lashed to what might be a cheap and somewhat floppy rack, so that might be one reason she's not using it.

Or, perhaps she has a laptop in that pack, and wants to spare it the vibration of being lashed to the rack.

Or maybe she's in a monster hurry, and didn't want to deal with the few seconds at each end to lash and unlash pack to rack. A cyclocross commute (more common this time of year, too) favors a lighter bike.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I have a rack but this time of year am almost exclusively using the messenger bag or backpack as opposed to the pannier. Having less weight on the back of the bike (and especially not having weight on just one side of the bike) is a big benefit in terms of handling on the ice out there.

Dottie said...

Grrr, potholes. One of the worst aspects of winter riding. This is when a steel frame really comes in handy.

Joe said...

``A Backpack that size would keep her warmer this time of year.

Charlotte said...

Yeah, that's just it, by the time I'm really going I don't want my back to be warmer. My hands, yes. My back, no.

Oh well, to each their own!