24 February 2009

Go Crimson!

Spotted on a mild Saturday in Back Bay, it has a Harvard University sticker on the rear fender.
red townie bike bicycle Boston
But I think we already knew that the owner of this bike is smart, cheerful, and conscientious, don't you think? Go Crimson!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a Swedish Kronan. Check out: http://usa.kronan.com

Carice said...

It is such a cute bike, I see it a lot and I finally met the owner one night locking up at the Whitehead. She's a whitehead/ MIT grad student (or postdoc) and got it from her roommate when her roommate moved away. It is a Kronan, and has a really cool detail where the electrical cables from the generator to the light go through a spring which keeps them organized.

By the way, your new boots are fabulous! I get people who ask me if it's hard to bike in heels, and I say- it's easier than walking!