16 February 2009

Washington Report: Lady Cyclists of the Capitol

Finally, the lady cyclists of Washington. Again, they were all ages, riding all sorts of bikes, wearing all sorts of clothes. The one thing that brought them all together was riding their bikes to get someplace. It was beautiful.

Raleigh 3-speed, sunglasses, and boots - what's not to like? She sure looks All-American in her denim in "America's Front Yard" (the National Mall):

You can't see it, but this lady in Georgetown looked like she was approaching 60. Doing so with youthful style, if you ask me:

The pink bike with the pink baby helmet makes me think that mom and her daughter enjoy their trips by bicycle down Pennsylvania Avenue:

Little red riding boots reprised. I don't think she saw the man on the Smartbike going the other direction:A blurry photo of a lady on a Dutch bike near the White House:

This is perhaps the most common look on the Mall - sporty, on a hybrid:

Having a soft spot for Raleigh 3-speeds and red shoes, I was excited to see this lady on the Mall:

She was watching traffic as she left the White House area.

This lady was radiant in how much fun she was having on her blue Dutch bike heading towards the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue:

This lady was stoic as she waited to make a left-hand turn against traffic:

This is my husband's favorite DC photo. Granny nearly mowed us down as she flew down the path that parallels the Potomac. Ding ding!

I loved the shiny helmet and the matching phone sported by the lady among the Embassies:

Singlespeed girl in the Foggy Bottom area:

This lady had clearly been out with her partner and the two of them were bringing home groceries in their panniers. Note that her waterbottle matches the pannier!

Lady Jamis commuter pannier groceries Washington DC bike bicycle cyclist
These two ladies had rented bikes to come down to the National Mall and chat on this bench. They have probably done this before, the lady on the right has a trouser cuff:

I love this lady's basket! There must be a picnic in there, to enjoy on the Mall:

A lady Smartbike rider on the Mall:


Thom said...

Really lovely set!

Dottie said...

Another fantastic collection! I'm all about the boots everywhere, nice to see. Also, I want that shiny red helmet.

Shawsheen said...

Great set of posts! I really loved the Dutch bike and the basket bike in Dupont Circle. Gives me a boost to get a few more of our bikes done and on the street!

Samuel said...

Wonderful set. I think pictures 8 through 10 are fantastic.

Kenny Devine said...

Great to see people for who they are, wearing normal clothes when cycling. Makes cycling totally attractive.