13 February 2009

Washington Report: Gentlemen Cyclists of the Capitol

The men were certainly out while I was visiting. Getting themselves around town on their own power, they didn't need any stimulus. One thing we noticed was that there were fewer people wearing helmets in Washington. After being x-rayed for the upteenth time I decided that, in a culture of living so safely, they were ready to live a little dangerously. I am sure I'm wrong, I just know that I was ready for risky behavior.

This guy was cool on his cruiser heading down the Mall:
cruiser bike
I saw this guy several times all over town. This image was captured just across the street from the White House:
folding bike folder bicycle tweed cap sweater dapper cyclist
This man is my idea of a Washington man - khakis and a navy blue blazer as he whizzed through Georgetown:
khakis navy blue blazer yellow bikeThis guy with his shark messenger bag gave me a smile, he was in among the Embassies:
singlespeed shark bag messenger bike bicycle
I saw this guy ride by but was too slow to shoot his image. I then got to see him with his buddy enjoying the wonderful February weather, they'd both ridden their bikes to meet in Georgetown:
men enjoying cafe riding bikes bicycles
He's an office worker with his badge on his waistband as he rode along the Mall. I think that makes the plastic giraffe bell all the more charming!
commuter cyclist Washington DC
They were out for a stroll down the Mall on the most lovely afternoon imaginable:
gentleman hybrid bike bicycle washington
Vintage 10-speeds were a popular choice for all the right reasons, this guy was rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue:
10 ten speed commuter Washington
This guy was leaving the White House area at 5:30 PM. I wonder what he's bringing home?
Washington DC commuter


Karl McCracken (twitter: @karlonsea) said...

Nice photos showing a city on the cusp of spring. And refreshing to see that the majority weren't wearing helmets - just ordinary people doing an ordinary thing as part of their lives.

jayjay said...

Nice to see your blog - and catch a flavour of cycling in Washington. I'll keep an eye on your blog from my netvibes feeds. You might be interested in our recently started blog on cycling in Auckland, NZ

m e l i g r o s a said...

what a lovely set of pics!
Im always happy to see men well dressed riding.
BTW/ It was a pleasure to see you in the new issue of momentum mag, you look great♥!!!

Cully_J said...

What kind of bike is that second gentleman riding?

Charlotte said...

It's definitely a folder, which puts it in my husband's territory. I'm going to guess a Dahon, but let me ask him and get back to you.

lagatta à montréal said...

Where's Obama? He needs a sharp urban bicycle. Perhaps one of those US-made copies of Dutch bikes? Not a mountain bike like the Shrub.

Flores Hayes said...

that shark bag is so AWESOME!!!
here i find a shark bag too... it is also lovely and cute!