12 February 2009

Washington Report: Bicycles of the Capitol

The most striking thing about bicycles in the Capitol is that there really is something for everyone, the bicycles don't fall into one tribe. I found the diversity refreshing.

From the fixed gear in Dupont Circle:
singlespeed handlebars bike bicycleThe symphony in blue and purple on the National Mall:

blue purple commuter bikeA hybrid with a seat shaped like a cow near the Embassies:

bicycle cruiser hybrid cow seatA luscious purple cruiser in Georgetown:

purple cruiser lilac bike bicycleTricycle parking in Georgetown:

tricycle parking Georgetown
and and unrelated Mama Chariot in Georgetown:

mama chariot bike bicycle childseatA basket bike in Dupont Circle:

basket cargo bike bicycle hauling workingRaleigh 3 speed in Dupont Circle (with a nicely attached modern tail light):

Raleigh three-speed 3 speed bike bicycleA pennyfarthing at the Smithsonian:

pennyfarthing antique bicycle bike SmithsonianAnd my favorite, a singlespeed designed and manufactured by the Wright Brothers, which helped to finance their dabblings in aviation.

Wright Brothers singlespeed bike bicycle Smithsonian


GenghisKhan said...

Very cool, though I didn't see any road bikes or mountain bikes! ;o)

Dottie said...

What a cool collection of bikes. That basket bike is awesome. A kickstand for the basket!

ECS said...

a wonderful tour of DC through your eyes :)

Charlotte said...

Genghis, you're right! I was intentionally trying to focus on transportation bicycles (not sport) and I also stayed away from stock hybrids. I was looking for bikes that people had put some thought into.

Stay tuned later for Lady Cyclists of Washington and Gentleman Cyclists of Washington - there will be mountain bikes and road bikes in those photos...

Cully_J said...

Great pictures. I really like bikes with permanent fenders. So Stylish!!!

Do you ever seen trikes in D.C.?

Samuel said...

I too love the SS Wright brothers bicycles at the museum. They are a little longer in wheel base than I had imagined.

avocado said...

The road bikes are all stored in people's apartments.

I left my bike overnight near dupont circle recently and somebody stole the plastic thing that connects my headlight to the frame! I still have the headlight but now it is useless.

GenghisKhan said...

Staying tuned... ;o)

Charlotte said...

avocado, I did see a lot of lights left in the street in Washington. Some made it into my photos (3-speed in Dupont Circle).

This would NEVER happen Boston. You'd lose the light and the little plastic thing!

Sorry to hear about your light.

Anonymous said...

Avocado - if you have a Planet Bike light, you can buy the mount directly from them:

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what that metal bracket on the Pashley deli (basket) bike is for?