09 February 2011

Bike Lane Wall

If you can't tell from the photo, the snow continues to just before the next intersection, where the bike lane area is plowed again. There's the snowy tree space all along this where, theoretically, the snow could go, if they were to plow it.

Is there a reason why they don't?


cycler said...

Hi Charlotte
There's a meeting on Thursday where the Parking and Transportation committee of Cambridge (that is cambridge isn't it?) is going to have a hearing about snow clearing issues. It's at 5:30 in City Hall on mass Ave.

JPTwins said...

I want to say, "because they don't care."

But i have a feeling it's probably due to all the new lanes the city put in, they haven't really remembered that people might actually want to bike during the winter. I'm also willing to give a little slack, since many of the two lane roads were one lane, and the city is probably just desperate to clear anything.

All that said, why they chose to stop cleaning at THAT POINT is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

given the configuration and the fact that it's not just the bike lane that's been cleared to that point but also the sidewalk, my hunch is that this isn't the work of a plow and is probably a bobcat that's been scooping up the snow for deposit in dump trucks.

It's possible that whatever truck they were using to evacuate the snow just got filled up at that point in time and Public Works never got around to coming back and finishing the job.

bike groggette said...

I was going to leave a somewhat snarky comment about how I'm in Houston so I never have to deal with this problem.... but then I remembered I'm in Houston so what few bike lanes we actually have are always filled with potholes and broken glass. :(

A Parisian Cyclist said...

Once more, cyclists are not considered... I would say they did that because they even don't imagine it could disturb cyclists. The most important is that car drivers can drive, no? Cyclists? There is no cyclist!
What a pity!

El Kl said...

We have the same problem here, in Poland. But here it's like that because the services do not give a damn. Sad but true.