23 February 2011

Fabulous Dutch Cycling Video

My friend E sent this for us with the message:
I thought of you when I saw this video of bicycling in Holland in the 50s because:
  • loads of chic ladies (and gents!) on bikes
  • several shots of innovative transport methods using bicycle power
  • all kinds of interesting baby-transport baskets and wagons
  • plus, a nice little dutch ditty at the end.

She's right, and I think the flowers at the end are as fun as the space-pod baby trailer towards the beginning. What a cheerful way to start the day. Thanks E!


somervillain said...

Ah, yes, I saw this several months ago (was it linked from Portlandize's blog? can't remember). But it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for posting it, I watched it all over again. How I wish we could be like that here!

MamaVee said...

yes, that is such a lovely vid. I think it's david hembrow's ??) I too wish life were like that now. 50's clothing and all.

janette @ The2Seasons said...

Each spring I rent a boat in Holland, and 18 of us go over and cycle for a week or two. I have done this for the past ten years. I have cycled all over the world but must return to Holland, my favorite country, every year.