28 February 2011

Rainy Day Sorbet

Seeing this sorbet-colored Brompton made me so happy the other day (though riding our Bromton 36+ weeks pregnant was not as much fun as I'd hoped - I felt ready for the clown car). Anyway, here's hoping this cheerful bike helps cheer your rainy day.

What do you think he has in that box?


Postively Not said...

Why no reactions that are neutral or negative? Certainly knowing if something is boring to a lot of people might be useful?

Charlotte said...

I'm not sure what your comment is referencing?

Velouria said...

I love all the mix and match colour options Bromtpon offers, though if I were to get one it would be the raw lacquer version.

What colour(s) are your Bromptons?

Mark said...

re: what's in the box?

Blood? Dropping some off or picking some up from the blood donation site?

Charlotte said...

I like the raw lacquer version, but object to the way they handled the welds on that one.

We have a traditional black and grey one, and I've been eyeing a white and grey one. There is one life plan in which I'll have to pull the trigger and finally buy it.

That's what I was wondering, but he did still have the box in hand when he left. Maybe cookies for people who donated?

Pawsitively Knot said...

There are checkboxes for "reactions" beneath each post.

Not that I don't like most of what you post but one-sided polling seems almost pointless.

Charlotte said...

They don't give options for boring or neutral, so a lack of response is considered a de facto statement to that effect.

Most people don't bother to comment, and I'm not doing this for money so there's no view counts. It seemed to be a way to get some indication of what people notice and respond to. However you're the first person to comment on it.