03 February 2011

Not a bike

Yet nonetheless essential for getting around Boston these days. It's hard to tell but these Original Muck Boot Company "Ice Pick" boots have metal spikes embedded in the sole to ensure good traction on ice. I'm very concerned about slipping these days so these boots have been a lifesaver (really!).


somervillain said...

Wow! I can't say I've ever seen anything like that! It's like studded tires for your feet! How cool is that?

I actually fell twice since while walking since the past couple of storms, and I haven't ridden in over a week! I can feel my legs weakening daily...

Dottie said...

Wow, those are some serious boots! I could use those today.

cycler said...

Wow, those ARE hardcore!
How do you deal with finished floors inside?
I've worn my snowboots all week and just left my danskos at work. I'm ready for spring now thanks!
Actually was kind of shocked at how many cyclists I saw today (4 this morning alone). Didn't manage to get any photos though.

Stay safe and upright!

Ridonkulus said...

how are they on the bike? i bought yaktrax and they're good outdoors but not indoors on smooth bare floors.

Charlotte said...

I can't wear these indoors, except on the industrial carpet in our entryway. Good thing they slip off easily! The biggest problem is places like supermarkets where I don't want to wander around in stocking feet on dirty tile.

They are OK on the bike, I found YakTrax easier but, of course, harder to get on and off my shoes.