02 April 2008

Can you design a better bike rack?

photo by stacyrosenstock

Bike Rack Design is an opportunity to show the world how much its cyclists are valued. As such, the city of New York has graciously decided that their bike racks need an overhaul.

Google has done the same project my office has - scoured the earth for good indoor racks for employees and found nothing suitable.

Recently the two of them have paired with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and Transportation Alternatives to create a bike rack design competition. The winners will be announced in October and their racks installed on the streets of New York (outdoor design) and in the Manhattan offices of Google (indoor design).

I cannot wait to see the results! In the meantime my office went with my preferred choice - hooks on the wall. In this way I don't have to worry about my colleague's poorly secured bike falling on my precious. I haven't heard about Boston offering any new or additional parking, but perhaps our new Bike Czar will help make that happen?

I have enjoyed the many bike rack photos at www.copenhagenize.com, particularly the rack with the integrated pump from Studio HiMom.


Anonymous said...


I just discovered you recently. I’d been slowly building up my ‘bicycle chic’ themed blog since Jan. 2008. What a surprise to see how prolific and content rich your blog was, and what an inspiration that was to me! I’ve listed/linked your blog along with my other recent 2008 ‘bicycle chic’ discoveries. I too have been a fan of Copenhagen Cycle Chic!
I custom make a bicycle helmet slip-on covers that are almost ready for prime time. (When I hit production stride I hope to get the word out...now I’m trying to get up to speed before I do that).

I’ll be staying tuned in. Happy Blogging!



Charlotte said...

Hi Shelly,
Thanks for tuning in! I spent a while honing my thoughts on this, then was inspired by Sheldon Brown's memorial service to DO something so I started this.
I will link to your blog too!