04 April 2008

It's pouring out today - cycling raincoat review

What makes a good cycling raincoat?
First off, it should be cute. That's assumed. Beyond that it should be short enough to not interfere with your wheels, it should have long enough sleeves that your arms are covered even when you reach for the handlebars, it should be brightly colored to keep you from looking like the roadway to passing cars, and it should be waterproof. Finally, it should be inexpensive as it will inevitably, eventually, get dirty and worn.

From the Gap this yellow coat is darling! The front will split to accommodate pedaling and the sleeves are long enough to reach the handlebars without exposing a lot of arm to get wet. It's waterproof and bright for cars to see. Perfect!


JCrew has a stylish option (love the collar!) in a cotton fabric that looks delicious which they call "Italian paper-poplin". In addition to the bubblegum pink it is also available in a cute light lemon yellow. As a downside, I don't care for the sleeves. Particularly on a bike these sleeves will be entirely too short, they could be worn with a short sleeved shirt but anything longer would inevitably end up wet. I'd prefer the raincoat were a little longer too.


I didn't see anything suitable at all at Banana Republic.

To be completely over-the-top, Saks Fifth Avenue has this Burberry Trenchcoat with all the details I describe. It is certainly visible, long sleeves, good length, and a statement piece! Of course, it doesn't coordinate with my bike, and it doesn't conform to the 'inexpensive' rule, so I'll have to pass, but I'd love to see someone fabulous rocking this trench on a bike!


Has anyone seen any others?


Unknown said...

Johnson makes this adorable raincoat. It's my favorite coat rain or shine!


Anonymous said...

Trust me, the raincoat is the one thing you don't want to compromise for fashion! None of those will be much good for cycling, where ventilation is the most important thing, and being long enough to hang below the seat is the second most important (even with fenders).

Charlotte said...

Oh, I disagree! I just got a jacket a caught between my fender and my wheel, perhaps if you have a skirt guard it's easier?

I'm personally not much concerned with ventilation as I don't go too far or too fast in the city. It is certainly a consideration for those going further and faster than I am.

Erika Jurney said...

The last link in this post (Joy Rider) goes to a disgusting rape porn site FYI.

Charlotte said...

I'm very sorry for that, they must have gone out of business in the two years since this was posted. I've removed the horrible link.