17 April 2008

Charmed by a new bike bag

I'm excited by an old leather purse which I've re-purposed as a bike bag. It has a fun gathered leather front which lends itself well to the addition of some reflective tape. I changed the strap so that it can attach easily to the rack of my bike and it seems good to go!
It is easily large enough to hold what I carry most of the time: a pair of gloves, my ankle cuff, a lock, a tire pump, tire levers, a hex wrench set, an ordinary wrench, and a spare inner tube. I didn't photograph my headlight but I carry that and it fits in the new bag too.

Because I have my wonderful Carradice I don't desperately NEED this bag, so it might become a gift or a doorprize or something. I'm just so pleased with how it turned out!


Anonymous said...

And it certainly looks classier than the mass market nylon ones on everyone else's bikes out there.

Charlotte said...

Thank you!
I was inspired by your work on Eliza and her saddle bag. I saw this purse and it all came together. So thanks!