13 November 2008

Bikes as Personal Statements

Inevitably a truly customized bike will become a personal statement. I am certain that this bike is intended as an artistic comment on our world - and what a comment it is!

artistic bike
The tinfoil on the seat is the most intriguing.

Bicycles as rolling art are yet another way that they enrich our lives. There is high art and more kitschy art, but it's all antidote to the blandness that we're being spoon fed... (and I better get off this soapbox before I fall off!)

I hope this bike today made you smile.


Krista said...

Aww that is so cool! I totally got a smile out of that. How do they keep the tinfoil from tearing?

SunnyS said...

Ooh...I like the foil! I'll try to find and send a few mint-bike and fish-bike pix from my artBeat bike/art collection. They're super cool! Never seen them on the roads though; just on display at the fest.