10 November 2008

More Autumn

orange helmet bike bicycle
I see this woman nearly every day on my commute. I know I'm running late when I see her earlier, I think she might be having a rough morning when I see her later. This is the first time it's been convenient to get her photo - I always notice her moustache handlebars and gleaming helmet first, it took a photo for me to notice the racks.


MELI. said...

how charming!! it is always nice to have an unspoken relationship with riders you often see from the bike lane.
cool ride and sweet helmet ;)

Sunny said...

That is a nice helmet; it would match my lipstick. Must have it! Any idea on Brand/Make/LBS that sells it?
Cheers, -Sunny

Anonymous said...

It's a Bell, I just removed the decals. It came from Harris Cyclery.

Woo chic cyclist! Which commuter who I see every day are you?

Charlotte said...

Hey Sunny,
I have no idea at all! Maybe others of you out there would know where this helmet is made? If I had to guess I'd start with Bern/Nutcase, but it doesn't really look like either of them.
Thanks for stopping by!