10 November 2008

More Autumn

orange helmet bike bicycle
I see this woman nearly every day on my commute. I know I'm running late when I see her earlier, I think she might be having a rough morning when I see her later. This is the first time it's been convenient to get her photo - I always notice her moustache handlebars and gleaming helmet first, it took a photo for me to notice the racks.


m e l i g r o s a said...

how charming!! it is always nice to have an unspoken relationship with riders you often see from the bike lane.
cool ride and sweet helmet ;)

SunnyS said...

That is a nice helmet; it would match my lipstick. Must have it! Any idea on Brand/Make/LBS that sells it?
Cheers, -Sunny

Anonymous said...

It's a Bell, I just removed the decals. It came from Harris Cyclery.

Woo chic cyclist! Which commuter who I see every day are you?

Charlotte said...

Hey Sunny,
I have no idea at all! Maybe others of you out there would know where this helmet is made? If I had to guess I'd start with Bern/Nutcase, but it doesn't really look like either of them.
Thanks for stopping by!