06 November 2008

Standard Time

grey cyclist
Standard Time means that it is dark by the time I leave the office. What will I do to keep up this blog!? Dear readers, I will try to rise earlier to photograph cyclists in the morning. Any readers who want to contribute photographs are enthusiastically encouraged to do so!


Mark said...

I wish i had a camera to photograph the cyclist i saw in Chinatown during my commute on Monday.

Youngish man, blue business suit and red bowtie on a silver foling bike.

Probably would have been good for your blog.

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Don't worry Charlotte. The days are getting longer here and there seems to be more and more cyclists every day. Keep an eye on my flickr page and you'll find lots of good shots you can use.

lagatta à montréal said...

I've discovered little turtle lights, LED lights on a bungee easily attached to a bicycle handlebar or rack in the back. I keep them clipped onto the key chain of my "healthy-back shoulderbag" at all times. I'd rather use more powerful, larger lights if really cycling in the evening, but they have proven very handy these days in the late afternoon. Today I found myself in the dark slightly before 5pm, due to storm clouds as well as the early sunset.

I'd like to find one of the reflective shoulder sashes mentioned in this blog a while back - have not seen any here.

Charlotte said...

Bonjour Lagatta,

Il y a des écharpes de sécurité chez MEC. Vous pouvez choisir entre orange, noir, et vert lime.

Sinon, c'est facile à fabriquer...