14 November 2008

Happy Friday!

Today is definitely a happy Friday!

I made a new friend today when I saw the pretty commuter from More Autumn and stopped her to ask on behalf of SunnyS where she got her helmet. Turns out it's a Bell Faction in Burnt Orange, with the Bell sticker removed, and that E is just charming. I look forward to continuing to see her on our commutes. E, I'll wave to you!

autumn cyclist purple orange gold Boston rain
She wasn't feeling too chic when I took her photo, but on a drizzly autumn Friday I think the purple, gold, and orange are perfect.

She's a bit like Snow White, you can see that darling little birdies follow her wherever she goes:

little bird on a bike bicycle


Anonymous said...

We must have a similar commute, because I see this cyclist a lot as well. I've got a mustache bar/Brooks saddle/big-ass Wald basket combo going on too, but she dusts me in the style department.

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

She's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

This was a very nice morning indeed. Meeting Charlotte totally made up for getting yelled at by a motorist who cut me off in the bike lane.
Happy cycling,

Kathleen said...

That birdie is so adorable. Very whimsical! Makes my bicycle look so plain, in comparison.

m e l i g r o s a said...

ah so cute!
little cute details like that always make me smile♥

Bored said...

CETMA rack means she's a smart cookie who wants to carry stuff easily!

CETMA available at Broadway Bicycle School