14 November 2008

Happy Friday!

Today is definitely a happy Friday!

I made a new friend today when I saw the pretty commuter from More Autumn and stopped her to ask on behalf of SunnyS where she got her helmet. Turns out it's a Bell Faction in Burnt Orange, with the Bell sticker removed, and that E is just charming. I look forward to continuing to see her on our commutes. E, I'll wave to you!

autumn cyclist purple orange gold Boston rain
She wasn't feeling too chic when I took her photo, but on a drizzly autumn Friday I think the purple, gold, and orange are perfect.

She's a bit like Snow White, you can see that darling little birdies follow her wherever she goes:

little bird on a bike bicycle


Anonymous said...

We must have a similar commute, because I see this cyclist a lot as well. I've got a mustache bar/Brooks saddle/big-ass Wald basket combo going on too, but she dusts me in the style department.

MerJa Media said...

She's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

This was a very nice morning indeed. Meeting Charlotte totally made up for getting yelled at by a motorist who cut me off in the bike lane.
Happy cycling,

Kathleen said...

That birdie is so adorable. Very whimsical! Makes my bicycle look so plain, in comparison.

MELI. said...

ah so cute!
little cute details like that always make me smile♥

Anonymous said...

CETMA rack means she's a smart cookie who wants to carry stuff easily!

CETMA available at Broadway Bicycle School