09 July 2009

Bikes I saw in Oregon

I had to be in Oregon recently for a family event. We had a nice time but there was very little cycling for me. I did manage to get you these shots.

bicycles Portland Oregon AmsterdamThe airport in Portland has cycle chic advertising. It's true, a bike can't get you everywhere... we do need airports.

handlebar bag totem feathers bike bicycleThis was my favorite bike I saw in Eugene. Yes, it's a dangerous bag, and would probably be illegal in Massachusetts, but it does look so right in Oregon.

sea foam cruiserA seafoam green cruiser on campus in Eugene was one of the more fanciful bikes I saw. Most tended to the practical, understandable but less fun.

copper three speed bikeThis copper colored Raleigh was one of the only bikes of that era I saw. It's too bad, Eugene is a flat enough city that I could easily see getting around on one of the old townies.

bike shelter in Oregon, bike parkingThis bike shelter is one of so very many all around Eugene. They were all similarly full. This sort of bike infrastructure is what we're missing in Boston.

spooky bicycle at night, tall grass and twilight
Finally, this atmospheric image was taken in Washington State, on the beach. It was getting to be evening on a Friday night, this person was clearly commuting home along the beach bike path. Now that's the life!


inkandpen said...

Aw, your Eugene pictures make me all nostalgic! My bikes lived on those covered racks while I was in college there... Did you make it up to Portland at all?

Charlotte said...

inkandpen, No Portland except to and from the airport. We did drive over to Salty's for dinner when we arrived and I was able to see the bike lanes which stretched on forever.

It was beautiful, even if there were no cyclists at that moment.

Filigree said...

Love the airport advert; hilarious! The beach scene on the last photo reminds me of Sandwich, on Cape Cod. There is a low wooden bridge there that goes on and on across the marshes near the beach. Unbearably romantic.

Dottie said...

Oregon would be such a nice place to live. The bikes look very welcoming!

She Rides a Bike said...

Portland! A bike commuters paradise. I loved the light rail and saw lots of bikes being carried on board.