06 July 2009

That's more like it

Lady cyclist bags rack
Summer has FINALLY made it to Boston. I'm happy to get out again and see the pretty cyclists riding by. This lady is clearly in her work clothes, yet she manages to carry quite a bit with her on her bike and look good doing it. Well done!


Filigree said...

I love egg crates on rear racks; I think I will rig up some variant of that on my 3-speed.

You know, I've been reading the Massachusetts Bicycle Law, and apparently one is not allowed to carry stuff on a bike other than inside a basket or specially attached bike bag (i.e. not in the hands and not dangling from the handlebars). So technically, the pretty lady is breaking the law! Fascinating document.

Carice said...

Yeah sun!
I like her magenta shell and l want those little kitten heel mary janes!

Droopy bags near the front wheel make me nervous though- so easy to get caught in the spokes!

Charlotte said...

Filigree, that sounds unenforceable. How can someone determine what makes a 'bike bag'? There are 'bike bags' which dangle the handlebars even!

I agree that some bags don't make sense (this one is probably among them, though she was going SO SLOWLY that I don't think she has much to worry about), but I can't imagine a cop telling me that my bike bag is somehow not acceptable.

Filigree said...

I agree that this clause is unenforeable -- perhaps with the exception of shopping bags blatantly held in the hand or dangling from a handlebar. And even then, I can hardly imagine police officers standing in wait to ticket cyclists for this. After all, it is illegal to ride without lights in the dark, yet we see many Boston cyclists riding "bike-ninja style" without repercussion.

For those curious, other illegal things include raising your handlebars above shoulder level and altering the fork of your bicycle "from the original design or construction of the manufacturer". And apparently all bicycle retailers must display a large, highly visible sign advocating the use of helmets.

Surprisingly, it is legal to ride your bike both on the roads and on the sidewalks, provided that the sidewalk is not in a business district.

nelsong said...

Mass Vehicular code also states that riding 2 abreast is illegal and we all must have reflectors on our peddles. One of these days the peleton that rides through my bucolic Western Mass town on the weekends is going to turn into a ticket gold mine.