14 July 2009

Bicycle Wedding

bicycle wedding
Extremely chic photo by christinanicoleb

We've been talking about tandems, but on my second wedding anniversary I'm thinking more about Bike Love in general. There's something about a tandem that says love and marriage, but like I said yesterday - two years ago there were none to be found. I like the symbolism of two wedding bikes also, so in the end it all worked out.

In retrospect I wish we'd thought to take some photos that day with our bikes. The inherent joy is somehow captured in the movement of the bike. A handsome handlebar is a natural prop if you want to do the ring photo. Just remember a handlebar basket for your bouquet. And how about this bicycle tube garter belt!?

I can imagine that this gentleman is using a bicycle wheel as a metaphor for the dynamics of marriage. He's probably talking about how you have to both support and depend upon each other in order to roll along easily, and just keep moving if you don't want to fall over. I love this wedding cake because the bride is carrying the groom on her handlebars!

The bicycle must be a powerful marriage metaphor because there are plenty of other bike wedding photos, invitations, accessories, etc. out on Flickr, Etsy, and the web.

PS. That grain of rice is still lodged in my handlebars. Two years and counting.


HowardBollixter said...

Lovely post, thanks for the beautiful links.

PJDodge said...

Happy anniversary!

Thanks for linking to those fun photos. If I had my own wedding to do over, I'd be gathering ideas from them.

Oh, and happy Bastille Day (Fête Nationale).


mauisalang said...

Thanks for these links! I hope to have a bike themed wedding soon :)

Betty - Wholesale Fashion Handbags said...

I have never seen a bicycle wedding until now! So fab!