26 October 2010

Independent Fabrications City Bike

Spotted sometimes on Newbury Street, this bike always makes my husband stop for a second look. Those green and yellow rims are even the Indy Fab colors.

One thing that's made clear by this rusting steel washer and nut next to a pristine seat stay - a titanium frame makes some sense for an all-season bike like this one. Expensive for all of us who don't work at IndyFab, but certainly practical in Boston!


Velouria said...

I love the idea of a titanium frame being "practical" : ))

Given the colour of the wheels, I wonder whether the frame belongs to someone who works at IF.

Charlotte said...

I'm 100% certain it must be a past or present employee.

kfg said...

I used to have a Teledyne Titan. I also used to be a racer and traded it in on a steel Cinelli which I could ride faster.

Now that I no longer race I wish I could have it back. It had a lovely smooth ride and was absolutely indifferent to the weather.

somervillain said...

the way i see it, a rust-resistant (or -proof) frame is only as practical as the hardware that connects parts to it. sure, hardware can be replaced, but rusting hardware can still cause problems. for rust-proof city bikes, i like using stainless steel hardware wherever possible.

Charlotte said...

WOW, that looks like quite the bike!

Somervillain, absolutely, and rusty bits drive me crazy. I'm steaming mad that the chain that connects my brand new Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub has rusted. There is no excuse for that nowadays.

cycler said...

Obviously the only solution is titanium axle bolts! :)

I need to break down and place a bulk order of SS 5mm bolts, nuts and washers, it seems like I go through them at an impressive rate- although that may have been during bike construction times- and they're neither cheap nor available at every hardware store.

dr2chase said...

Small Parts, Inc, is one source of exotic nuts-N-bolts.

You can get titanium bolts from them, but only in archaic measurements. SS, they have in metric.

For example: metric SS allen-head screws

dr2chase said...

Charlotte, re Chains, how about this one?
Wipperman, nickel plated, anti-rust, 1/2x3/32

My plan is to see how far into the winter my current chain will last before it fails the wear-O-meter (assuming it has not already...) Maybe I upgrade to something fancy then.