15 October 2010

Roman Bike Share

I am sad to report that we never even tried the Roman bike share system. I got the best photos I could but most of the racks we saw were completely empty of bikes and we only saw one other couple riding them, once. I fear it's a bike share that failed.

It's all really too bad, because we discovered that in the city itself one bank of the Tiber is devoted to a bike lane, providing a high-speed safe beeline right through town. A cyclist could easily beat a taxi or subway rider on any cross-town adventure. Next time we're going to bring Bromptons.


Lovely Bicycle! said...

Love the colour of these! Possibly the most attractive bike-share bikes I have seen.

Dottie said...

I didn't know Rome had a bike share. Do you think a lot of the bikes were stolen or trashed?

I want a Brompton for travel. Would have come in handy in France, for sure.

Matthew said...

Wow, that bike path must be brand new. I've been to Rome several times over the years and that area has always been desolate, overgrown cobbles.
Looks like Rome has enjoyed a bicycle renaissance much like other cities around the world.