15 October 2010

Italian Ladies on Bikes

 Girlfriends riding into Florence early in the morning.
 This ladies' scarf fluttered in a most beguiling way.
 Love this lady's sleek look.

 This lady was slowed in her turn by mobs of tourists, but she and her lovely legs still made it across the square in style.
 This lady's genie-style trousers worked well for cycling.
 My impression was that the age range of Italian female cyclists was more compressed to the younger end than in France, but there was some variation.
 LOVED her cute yellow bike!

 These ladies were cycling through the chicest neighborhood in Florence, and prompted me to reflect on the timeless good looks of black bicycles.

 Though I would encourage this woman to raise her saddle (if I spoke better Italian), I still thought she looked beautiful riding through the afternoon sun near the tomb of Augustus.
Italian light, Italienne sparkle, and all in white linen - perfect!

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