15 October 2010

Italian Gents on Bikes

 I didn't quite catch the photo, but these two were just kissing (really kissing!) seconds before this was taken. I think that speaks well for what women think of men on bikes.
 This gentleman dismounted to walk his bike over the Ponte Vecchio.
 This gentleman was waiting outside a bar. What do you think he was waiting for?
 This guy made me think of all the cool kids I ever knew, with his vest and hip sneakers.
 It was mid-morning and this gentleman was riding fast. I wondered if he'd forgotten something he needed at the office, or was racing to a business meeting? I loved the sporty riding on the sporty bike in his business suit.

 By contrast, these two gentleman were not riding fast at all, and their style is perfect for a slow trip by bike.
We didn't see much 'casual' among the Roman men, but this guy was casual in dress and speed.

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