15 October 2010

Red Bikes of Italy

I could not possibly have photographed all of them if I tried, so instead I'll just tell you that there was a definite preference for red bicycles all over Italy. It was a lot of fun to play "spot the red bicycle".

In appreciation of that, and all the beautiful things that are made in Italy, when it came time to choose a souvenir, I got the most delicious, delicate, racy and wonderful new pair of cycling gloves. Watch me signal my turns now Boston!!!


m e l i g r o s a said...

awesome red bike set. boston better watchout!! those gloves are HAWTTT =)

Charlotte said...

Meli, you would have laughed - somehow these gloves just inspire grandiose Italian gestures when signalling, drivers saw me from BLOCKS away! It was kinda fun.

I'm my new plan for bicycle safety - get every cyclist a pair of buttery soft red Italian gloves. :)

cycler said...

those are lovely- You can get me a set next time you head to Italy!
Somehow I've missed a ton of your posts- I wonder if there's something wrong with my rss feeder...
LOTS of cool street photos- very very nice to see all of that.