27 April 2009

Fuschia Schwinn

Schwinn crusierI see this pretty pink Schwinn near MIT all the time. I love the chrome fenders with the strong fuschia color. It may be a smaller bike, but it's got a grown-up girly look.


Unknown said...

Such a pretty baby. I love that bicycle!

Anonymous said...

I have one just like this!! It was my Mom's and its so cool... I enjoy my retro-glide for "everyday" but once in a while take out the Schwinn when I'm feelin' nostalgic!

Cruiser Bob said...

My mom had one of these in the late 60s - - and it was even Fuschia! It was a Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed I believe - - sweet bike.

Unknown said...


i just started 'blinging' my bike with bumper stickers and various other stickers ... realized after 5 years of having this bike i could do that... took getting rid of a car! oh well it makes me happy.

my dream is to have a bike clothing company for woman who could never make it into the 'title ix' catalog.

Amanda Keenan said...

Oh! I have a bike just like this, except It's light pink with a blue and white seat! So cute!

I love it in this fuchsia too!