13 April 2009

Man in Black

gentleman cyclist Cambridge MA
While all in black, I like his gentlemanly choice of white gloves. Must be good when he signals. Isn't that a handsome bike?

gentleman cyclist Cambridge MA


lagatta à montréal said...

Oh, I love that bicycle! He could also wear a long overcoat on it and look retro.

Note that while this cyclist is all in black, he has elegant silver reflective bands on his jacket - this a a great solution to make cycling safer for those of us who don't like to wear pastels or bright colours.

If he were actually cycling late at night on a poorly-lit road, he might want to add a reflective x-sash in the back, though I think his outfit is designed for more urban conditions.

Yokota Fritz said...

The bike looks very dignified indeed.

PJDodge said...

A Velorbis Churchill Classic - very sweet bike. I've had one for about 6 months and love it.

Sadly, the North American distributor (The Dutch Bicycle Co.) is no longer importing them. They've switched to selling Gazelles.

I love the Easter 'bonnet' from the previous entry. Very stylish.


Dottie said...

Very handsome!

Carice said...

I met this guy and his bicycle at the Hub on wheels-We rode together for the later part of the ride since we had similar bicycles- a very pleasant ride!

Interesting to hear that the Dutch bicycle company has switched to Gazelles. I spoke to them several years ago (while they were in Florida) and got an odd vibe- I wonder if they've had problems with the importing side with Azor and then Velorbis, or whether they just couldn't sell enough really high end bikes on the East Coast.

Interestingly, Harris Cyclery is now a Pashley dealer- also a sweet classic ride (and I prefer the geometry a bit).

Velorbis said...

Hi guys

just to let you know that Copenhagen Cyclery is the new US distributor of Velorbis. Check them out at www.copenhagenbike.com


Amy said...

Pashley's really are lovely, I got mine from Harris Cyclery but take a look at www.pashley.co.uk

info said...

He's bringing style to the commute! And on a Velorbis to boot!...granted, I have a little bias...we are excited to be the new distributor of the Velorbis line out of Chicago and we are geared to ship anywhere in the U.S. After much research, we think it is one of the most stylish/ quality rides available, and the company is constantly tweaking their existing lines and adding new product...we opened our doors officially last week and are getting a great reception on the Velorbis locally and a following nationally. We are proud to have them as our flagship line...and bring a little cycle chic stateside.
-Copenhagen Cyclery