14 April 2009

Ralph Lauren Cyclist

Ralph Lauren bike Bicycle
Early morning I saw this handsome guy cycling with his coffee, his jeans turned up and his desert boots looking oh-so-cool. He sported a blazer and sunglasses with his jeans. He crossed the sidewalk and opened up the Newbury Street Ralph Lauren store. I guess that explains why he was dressed so nicely!

Nice that he gets to bring his bike into the store.

Ralph Lauren employee on a bi bike bicycle


Jen said...

Gotta love a well dressed man who rides his bike well dressed!

MELI. said...

what a cutie. very cool when companies, esp. national chains allow you to bring in your precious.

Dottie said...

Dapper chap :)

MamaVee said...

you know... The guy who sold me the Sorte said he sold a bunch to Ralph Lauren stores. I wasn't quite sure for what- but I found it cool that RL Co. was investing in cool bikes.