21 April 2009

Marathon Monday

I found out too late about the Pre-Boston Marathon Bike Ride, organized on Facebook.

It was Sunday, at midnight, silly hats encouraged. Next year I'm definitely there.

If I can't ride all night, maybe I'll join the 5:45 AM group.

Another AP article I found before, but not now, reported that some people make it an out-and-back for 50+ miles. That could be fun and save me the $6 train fare.

Next year, definitely.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the 52 mile version is run by Hal Gabriel and meets at the Boston YMCA in Huntington. I haven't had the opportunity to do this, mostly because Patriot's Day has never been an official holiday at any of my workplaces. So, a 100k on Patriot's Weekend with redcoat re-enactors will have to do.

Good seeing you guys on Saturday!