28 April 2009

Soak Up the Sunshine

girl in a skirt riding her bike in Boston

It's a gorgeous day here in Cambridge (finally!) and we're all out on bikes, soaking up the wonderful sunshine. It feels so good!


Thom said...

Although that's probably just a blink you caught, that look on her face says pretty much what we're all thinking riding our bikes on a sunny morning. Glad to see Boston is reviving itself after a long winter.

PJDodge said...

'...we're all out on bikes, soaking up the wonderful sunshine.'

Sadly, not all of us. :( I had a spontaneous flat this a.m. about 15 minutes before I was planning on leaving (sudden hissing sound, rear of bike sinking lower). I've never changed a tube on this bike, or indeed any bike with a SRAM internal-geared hub, so I was looking at a learning experience...provided I had a spare tube...which I didn't. Sigh.


Charlotte said...

Thom, you're right on both counts.

Pat - I'm so sorry! I hope you're picking up two spare tubes today!