01 April 2009

Hurray for Street Cleaning!

Street cleaning sign Cambridge
April 1st is a great day in Boston/Cambridge, no joking. It's the first official day of street cleaning, the day the bike "lane" is passable again and the streets that much wider and accommodating.

It's like an exfoliation for the street, and feels just as refreshing!

street sweeper working in Cambridge
When I'm on my bike the street cleaners are my favorite public employees. If I pass one who is looking around I try to smile/wave/blow him a kiss. I figure the more positive associations they have with cyclists, the better the job they'll do in my bike lane. Will you join me in adopting the street cleaners?


Carice said...

I just wrote a thank-you email to the good folks at Cambridge Public works a couple of weeks ago because they'd started cleaning non-parking streets (including the bike lanes on Broadway,Trowbridge and Mt. Auburn). They emailed me back and said that they'd been trying to get a head start on the accumulation of winter gook where it didn't require cars to be moved.It'll take another pass (or two) before they're really clean, but it's an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Seriously! Biked to work the last 2 days and it's either ride in the middle of the street and piss off cars, or ride on a bed of sand, rocks and broken glass on the side of the street.

Charlotte said...

Carice, I didn't think of thank you notes - that's a good idea! I should get some pink frilly paper with flowers on it, etc. and keep them in my bike bag. I can hand out these valentine-thank you notes as needed.

Anonymous, it's a drag, isn't it? I'm very happy today.

lagatta à montréal said...

That is good news! Yes, it is impossible to ride right on the edge of non-parking streets because of all the hazards.

Today is the official opening of many of the bicycle lanes here (those that are not - theoretically - kept clear all year). But I'm sickish at home with a minor cold, and it is raining (I am working, but normally I'd go out at least for some exercise despite a bit of rain). Tomorrow is will be more pleasant and warmer, and I should be feeling better.

Carolyn said...

Do they sweep the bike paths first? That would be sweet! I think they have done a little sweeping here...but it doesn't take long for dirt to return, especially since snow is still around and melting.

Carice said...

For anyone who lives in Cambridge, the DPW has a great email service request system. They've been really helpful and friendly and have fixed some awful potholes in bike lanes for me, relatively quickly.
They even contacted the DCR and got them to fix something when it was just over the line of their jurisdiction. Just make sure to send them a thank you when they answer your complaint!


The Stouts said...

Shortly after they cleaned all the shoulders and bike lanes around here, we have a small streak of spring snow storms so they're all just as gravelly as ever ;)

She Rides a Bike said...

I would definitely call or e-mail the Mayor's office and give a thumbs up to the streetsweeping crew if they are doing a good job. City Halls get a lot of complaints but don't usually hear about it when employees are doing a good job. With so many cities laying off staff, they could use some positive comments, which they do pass on to staff involved.