11 January 2010

Berlin Post Bike

German post bike Berlin
I've seen lots of photos of the yellow bikes for the French Post, but I haven't seen any German ones like my friend E has sent us here. Apparently for this one they have extended the frame specially for Berlin and the high-volume routes there. The wheels for the extended frame flipped up so they could bike without them, they can also bike or walk with the wheels down too.

E's boyfriend had one of the regular indestructible German post bikes in his student days.

The internal gearing has to be nice in foul weather, and look at that huge front and rear basket! The chainguard is utilitarian, but still a nice addition.

I wish the USPS used bikes.


Charlotte said...

E updates us to say:

I should mention I also saw one of these bikes in Munich with the
extendobasket stand so maybe it's just the typical city-route bike. My boyfriend's bike didn't have it though. He did mention that the baskets were great for holding beer cases en route to parties :)

Filigree said...

I have seen these in several German cities last year, though I don't remember them being this colour. Would love to try riding one of these and wonder whether it is more difficult to keep your balance.

ECS said...

This is apparently a private mail carrier service, hence the different color scheme. I saw them in standard post-bike yellow all over the place too.

When in motion the mail carriers seemed just as agile as on a regular bike, but I always saw them with the extra wheels flipped up when in motion.