28 January 2010

Hub Bicycle Company to open in Cambridge

Hub Bicycle Company comes to Cambridge
I just happened to be walking by when Hub Bicycle Company was putting up her sign. The owner says she'll be providing full-service bike repair, done by herself, as well as parts and accessories. She'll be opening Feb. 1, so go check her out!

(BTW: with a little internet sleuthing, I think her name is Emily)


Velouria said...

Very interesting, will have to stop by. I love it that she uses film photos on her website rather than digital, "because of an incident with [her] digital camera"!

somervillain said...

this is great. i like seeing more full-service repair shops crop up, as opposed to new bicycle retailers. (i also like the subtle way in which the owner refers to the NPR show cartalk).

sheril said...

Great.. I love to stop by.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info. Wonderful! Would drop by when I'm there. However a my friends would should their bikes need attention.

Anonymous said...

I've had her work on my bike personally. She does a great job! i was very pleased with her, quick and honest approach to my repairs, and her work quality has lasted my bike through the last few seasons.