26 January 2010

Cycling in San Diego

My dad got the cycling bug big time while he was here in Boston. Last week he was in San Diego for work and has this San Diego cycling report to share:

Cycling in downtown San Diego is a little like Boston except with no separate bike lane. It was cool for San Diego and intermittent rain. Hardly any bikers. Didn't see any bike commuters. Rode around using roadway and sidewalk when available. Cars gave me room. There is a wide promenade along the shoreline which is good for sightseeing, including the aircraft carrier Midway. Rode out to airport to pick up my rental car saving the $12 cab fare... Picked up a bike map put out by the County, but didn't get chance to use it. The bike rental shop was right downtown, two blocks from my hotel. Closed on Sunday so big problem for weekend rental. My car rental was $13/day. The mountain bike was $25/day, $10/hour.

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Thom said...

Bicycling in SD is a mixed bag of good and bad, like any place. We're trying to make it better, and we've got a real core of active, positive people now to try to make progress. Thanks for the perspective on our little corner of bikeverse.